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Stormwater Drainage Systems

Storm drainage

Stormwater drainage systems work to reduce the risks of flooding. Having the proper stormwater drainage system is a crucial element that must be made a priority when designing new construction projects. It doesn’t matter if it is a commercial development going in or a new residential neighborhood. Effective stormwater drainage must be included in the plans and submitted to the proper city planning authorities for approval. Stormwater drainage systems must meet specific rules and guidelines set by PBM and the EPA. These government entities are in charge of regulating storm water runoff and protecting the wildlife and environment.

Stormwater runoff capturing is essential for supplying our natural underground aquifers. Stormwater drainage systems are to be implemented that will direct the flow of water so as to prevent flooding in developed areas. Rainwater can now be captured using stormwater drainage systems to our advantage. Along with stormwater drainage systems, detenetion and rentention ponds are used as well as other techniques that are used to recapture and recycle rain water. Without stormwater drainage systems there would be an increased risk for flooding in developed areas.

Stormwater drainage systems include the use of gutters, drains or catch basins, filters and more. Filters can capture debris and contaminates and filter them out of the water as they are situated along the way in a city’s stormwater drainage system. With adequate stormwater drainage systems there would be flooding on roads and in parking lots, along sidewalks, etc. All excess stormwater can be directed toward a main collection area during heavy storms and then slowly released so that it is slowly absorbed into the ground to replenish the subsurface water table.

Drainage systems are designed to be installed below the ground in areas that are landscaped and can be used for parks, etc. These systems consist of water pipelines or concrete chambers that have specific kinds of fabric filters fitted in them as well as rocks to filter the storm water. You can find out more on this subject by visiting websites or blogs that specifically deal with stormwater runoff and drainage systems that are used in modern urban areas to control the risk of flooding. Along with reducing the risk of flooding, replenishing clean underground drinking water is a must.

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